JFZ ERP System

Jinfuzi Customer Service

Jinfuzi ERP System is a platform which enables financial advisors to use Jinfuzi ERP to manage customers’ orders and gain insights from their online data. I’ve been working on this project aimed to improve its features and functions, as well as produce a general UI guideline for forward versions.


01 Chalenge

The current ERP system flow and architectures , representing business processes. A key feature of Jinfuzi ERP is the customer management. Our financial advisors use ERP to look up new client and build up continuing follow-up information. Both follow-up record and order management are core behavior when using the ERP system, so we spend large amount of time to produce high efficiency customer management solutions  to experienced advisors.

Pain points for current system

As one of the biggest  business control center in the firm, ERP faced a challenge: trying to move sales from physical branches to online portal. To a great extent, the ERP functioned as a products information resource and customers’ account management center. Consequently, project operators, financial consultants and  online customer service consultants fully used the ERP services online. However, they always complained the poor and frustrating user experience for a long time .

We worked with them on this project to tackle this problem by creating a postive online experience. We did in-depth comprehensive user interview to collect needs and pain points, and then brought our ideas to fruition after rounds of validation and iteration.

Top three complaints are following:

  • Screening product is really hard to use, low working efficiency. 
  • Contents are complex, fail to find out the most important statistic at a glance.
  • Both information display and UI are not clear enough.


02 Improving customer and order management experience

Since the ERP is an integrated operating platform for various business lines. Diversify users increase the complexity.  It provides  all customers’ personal details in order to empower financial consultants by helping them management their customers’ direct investing information. Our ambitions were to create a strong foundation that embraced a rapidly evolving business and more diverse user base.

Design for financial consultants

According to customer life-circle above, the core needs for financial consultants are follow-up customers and fulfill their detailed information about disposable income, total liquid assets, risk assessment, investment objective / horizon / potential gain and loss they feel comfortable….All these personal information is basic and essential for financial consultants when give suggestions of suitable projects for their customers. Therefore our high level goals were to:

  1. Make it fast and easy to use for financial consultants.
  2. Redesign table to present  customer list and detailed information.
  3. Create a unique style guideline for further development.
  • Wireframes , Navigation and Table 

Optimizing both top and secondary navigation is necessary, as well as collapsible left-nav bar.We learned that most consultants need to focusing on the table for a long time, so we try to narrowing navigation bars and using embedded table to represent information as much as possible.




  • Updating  internal style guide

Jinfuzi EPR did’t have a visual design foundation for the past three years and it is essential to establish a new style guide for developments and PMs. As the only designer in the team by then,   I also do the visual  design for this project. I took the challenge to update guideline for  version.

I help to develop standards across a number of elements from foundational parts like grid, typography, colors, status bars to components like buttons, tables, headers, lists, selectors and tabs, very simple and consistent. Therefore it is easily to identify . However perhaps most importantly, it is necessary to redesign core features, thus make the business flows real streaming and efficient.

Once we had a few of the major pieces in place, things started to roll.