JFZ Fortune APP


Jinfuzi, a startup acquired by , create a new modal of wealth management .Their apps,  Fortune APP is a wealth management tool for high equity customers, combine with videos and audio ,aim to provide  360 investing entrance to customers. The app serves as a way to fulfill people investing needs. And it can provide a preview of the content , road play of fund managers.

Over the  past one more years , the Jinfuzi team has been hard at work researching , prototyping and building towards Fortune APP. As the only interaction designer in the team, my responsibility was to collaborate with the developers and PMs to have the feature delivered.Some of the pieces I specifically worked on for APP including building up the information architecture, updating the home screen and other user interfaces.  More on all that below.


02- Chalenge

At the beginning, when I joined Jinfuzi two years ago, we were a very small and scrappy group. We realized that online wealth management is the on the way, and we wanted to develop products and experiences that spoke directly to those clients. However, there are no competitor products or successful business model.  What the client appetites to ? Meaningful content?Tools? or Platform?

We dig up rooted then, to whom they really make the apps for, plus what’s the feature inside. The scrupulous talks lead us to the following conclusion

  • Our client want to connect  high-quality Private Equity Managers and Institutions.

Good wine needs no bush?No,because of scarcity of high-value products, it is necessary to exposure those good products for clients.

  • Our client want to access service beyond product recommendation

Another thing is about safe and convenient online purchasing experience , as well as providing more detailed asset management services, including net reminder, portfolio diagnostics, personalized financial solutions customized.


03  Wireframes and Navigation

Here to go. Definite the product functions. This is one necessary thing to make sure the product runs straight on the line. So, when it comes to the time to add some features whatever in it, it won’t be any major alteration. Especially the navigation concept which was tested. Because it was quite a challenge  since huge amount of contents that should have been nearly structured at this interface.





04- What we deliver

  • Simplifying Risk assessment and Authentication Flow

According to commission regulatory policy issued this year, clients are required to complete a long questionnaire and real-name authentication process before register&open account. It means clients should provide their personal information (including age, personal assets, investment objective and risk tolerance…)  to identify they are eligible for the product. The original register process was simple, “Input  phone number, and verify SMS code.” You didn’t need to finish risk assessment, you just input numbers, hit two buttons, then you got it. As we added more complex risk assessment flow, it became a nightmare for registration conversion rate.

We strive to minimizing steps and streamlining flows, however we realized that simplicity or few taps doesn’t have a positive correlation to high conversion rate. Clients failed to finished the questionnaire  due to the reason of long dull questions. Opportunities to helping spark interest and promote step by step were being missed.


  • Clearly display Product Details


  • Quickly find what you want

Providing screening suggestions to help customers explore topics of interest and update the search results they are interested the most.



  • Online community helps

The JFZ Private Equity Community aims for serving both young reliable PE managers and high-net-worth clients. It is a dedicated network,  you may find numerous investment experts having a lot to share stories, uncover insights, surface opportunities, and connect in-person. They also have a lot of resources/knowledge, exchange investing problems and help each other to grow.

Industry leaders are few. Ordinary investors are difficult to distinguish a good category. On the market, fund managers are lofty, difficult to have a platform and opportunity for equal dialogue with investors , just relying low-frequency sub-Q and road shows, this single-chain connection does not meet the remaining needs of investors.

Live managers roadshow is very important for  investors interested in product. Diverse videos covered different strategies and types of private equity funds are provided for investors watching.



In addition, I worked alongside  2 Product Managers. I stopped working on the project during the detailed visual design phase.The app launched and update for 13 versions since November 2nd, 2016.

It is just a step forward into future, and I am excited to see how the rest of the story unfolds and details, as we are always supporting every needs that can make things happen.