JFZ Finance APP


To develop an application for the purchase of ingredients for cocktails.It was really a hard undertaking involved a lot of people. As the first interaction designer in the team. lt is a chance for me to explain how we made these change happen.

Getting started

My first priority was simplification. Since the Finance App had a lot of the pieces, but they may not have been organized in the most intuitive way. Customers always felt confused when viewing the interfaces, especially for basic investing flow and features. The first step was to make some changes, and then learn and build on online real feedback.

Next up: Redesigning the home and profile screen

We explored multiple iterations of the home screen. We developed design directions that ran the vertical line easily display what activity is going on.


Updating product detailed screen

One complaint  said quite often , was that it is hard to capture clients’ curiosity when opening product detailed screen, which led to a low transaction ratio. Another product detailed page challenge is Revenue Assistant design. Users can turn the amount of money and clearly see the corresponding benefits.



Key design tips

  1. Get customer, PMs, engineers involved at the beginning.
  2. Share early when validating various concepts with participants and clients, their feedback led us to create and develop prototypes.


Though Jinfuzi APP stop updating due to business strategies had changed. Looking back on the project , I feel incredibly lucky to be working with such a smart, humble team.